M-IPC-600A 7" Analog/IP Kamera-Tester

Auflösung 1280 x 800, Analog-/IP-Kameras, ONVIF, H.265, H.264, RJ45 tester, PoE

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M-IPC-600A do not support TVI, CVI, AHD, SDI. Only for IP and analog. It have HDMI Output but do not have HDMI Input

- 7 inch IPS touch screen,1280 x 800 Resolution
- English, Polish, Italiano, Spanish, French and other languages menu optional
- H.264 and H.265, 4K video display via mainstream
- Rapid video, just by one key to detect all Network cameras and auto Display Built-in WiFi to receive network image and data, create wifi hotspot, Support browser
- Rapid onvif, auto log in and display image from the camera, activate Hikvision camera, and also can create testing Report
- IP and analog cameras testing at the same time, converter test from analog to digital via dual test window IP & CVBS
- CVBS loop test, the tester send and receive color bar generator signal to check BNC cable
- Traffic monitoring of the tester ''Lan port'', Display network port or wifi connection real-time upload and download speeds and other network Parameters
- Support user self install apps, for example install android version apps, like skype, wechat, etc
- 4K video files and MKV / MP4 media files play
- Quick office apps (excel, word, ppt format ), can edit the documents
- Screen lock, password lock and pattern lock are optional
- TesterPlay (screen projection) : tester, android Version mobile phone and PC display at the same time
- Shortcut button, drop-down menu, can select PoE power ,IP setting, wlan switch, HDMI in functions etc in any Interface
- Enhenced cable tester, UTP cable, telephone cable and other cables' order and connectivity test, testing Report can be saved
- Screen management, move the function's icons, create new directory, theme and background setting
- Display onvif IP camera image, onvif PTZ controller, IP discovery.
- Support more than 80 customized IP cameras protocols
- Support ip camera apps and RTSP to view IP camera Image
- Network bandwidth testing
- FTP Server, Static IP address, DHCP, simultaneously test different segments´ IP cameras
- PoE 24W power supply to IP camera
- HDMI signal output, support 1080P
- DC12V 2A power output for camera
- USB 5V 2A power output to mobile phone
- Led Lamp, easy to operate at night
- Micro SD card moveable
- LCD screen brightness/contrast/color Saturation adjustable
- Automatically adapts and displays the video format of NTSC/PAL
- Enhanced color bar generator, by receiving the Video color bar to test the video channel whether transmit normally
- 4x zoom, video image can be magnified to view the details, easy to use (both for analog and IP video)
- Video record and playback (both for analog and IP video)
- Snapshot and save the current image as JPG file in the SD card (both for analog and IP video)
- Ping testing, test IP camera or other network devices' ethernet port whether work normally, and the IP address whether right
- IP address scan, quickly search the IP address for the connected IP camera and other network devices
- PoE voltage measurement, test the PoE switch's voltage to IP cameras, wireless AP device and other PD devices
- Device Port flicker, easy to find the connected PoE switch port by sending special signals, the connected PoE port will flicker at special frequency.
- Link monitor, check the setting IP address whether occupied.
- PTZ address scan, search up the ID of PTZ camera.
- Network cable and Telephone cable testing, display the sequence of connection and No. of LAN cable. RJ45 cable TDR test
- Support RS485, rate 600 ungefähr 115200bps adjustable
- Multi-protocol. Supports more than thirty PTZ protocols. Such as Pelco-P, Pelco-D, Samsung etc.
- PTZ protocol analysis, control protocol command displays to check RS485 Transmission
- PTZ control. Pan/tilt the PTZ unit, zooms in/out the lens, adjusts the focus, aperture and sets and the preset Position
- Audio input test and output, test the audio signal from pickup devices, support audio Output
- 7.4V DC 5000mAh Lithium Ion Polymer Battery .The device employs advanced power control and protection circuit. The device is high power-efficient, energy saving and environmental protection. It can last 10 hours for normal use after charging for 6 hours

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