IFM-485-ST Interface Module RS485-RS 232/USB


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Interface module, for bi-directional communication
With detectors, with connection cable and software CD.
In conjunction with a HeiTel VideoGateway,
it is mandatory to order Article 2203 in order to
to be able to use the remote configuration of the detectors.

The installation software is very useful for alignment and signal check during setting
up and routine maintenance. It will indicate the amplitudes generated by wanted
as well as unwanted targets and help setting the gain control correctly during walk
tests and also show the magnitude of disturbance signals. The installation software
is to be installed on a PC; an interface module is required to convert RS232 to
RS485. The information for installation and signal monitoring is displayed on the
screen of the PC.
If more than one detector is connected to the same RS485 communication bus,
each detector must have a different identifi cation number.
The RS485 standard requires a bus topology. To ensure proper communication,
the data must be terminated on both ends. The IFM-485-ST features a built-in
termination resistor. The interface module IFM-485-ST is available as an accessory
and is preconfi gured and equipped with the necessary connectors to be operated
with any detector of the PRO Series.
The input cable is 5.0 m long and is terminated with a RJ12 connector fi tting into
the test socket on the electronic board of the detector. The connection to the PCs
COM port is with a standard 3.0 m RS232 or with a 1.8 m USB cable (supplied with
the IF 485B).

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